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Originally Posted by DarkStarr View Post
Not bad, the 240 should be enough for the most part, just don't go adding things to the loop lol The rule is basically, 120mm of a good thick rad per component, none of that "slim rad" junk. After that its fit as much rad as possible lol That's why I have a 360 and a 280, both of which need new fans though.
I just put "Core Temp" on my windows desktop. This morning with about 22deg ambient the highest core is at 77 deg C with all eight cores at 3.6Mhz 100% all night and the Tesla grinding away at 40 deg C on my poor man's temp sensor.

So there is a big difference btw what software reports from sensors embedded in the CPU chip and what a thermocouple on the GPU heat spreader just outside the waterblock report for component temps.

From what I understand the CPU chip is a lot more dense, so the heat is more concentrated and it responds better to increased flow rate, which is why you always want it in the main flow line. This is from Swiftech's site technical papers.

But I also suspect the actual GPU chip is pretty hot and I am just measuring the heat sink outside of the center, so lots of heat has been taken out by the water block before it ever gets to the thermocouple.

For now there is just no known way to get a good heat reading on the GPU chip itself. But if the cooling were inadequate the temp would equalize across the heat spreader and I would see higher readings. I think a thermocouple on the CPU spreader would probably show a lot less than 77 also.

If safety is the main concern, then the CPU temp would appear to dominate the system limits (I hope). I have intentionally loaded it all up and put a temp limit on the CPU monitor to shut the computer down if it hits 90 deg on the CPU core during the day today. There is just no good way to compare the temp values from the two components directly the way I am measuring them.

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