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OK thanks for the reassurance. I am definitely on the "let it roll" plan today also.

Maybe I need some quieter fans; the ones with the kit looked pretty basic.

Just checking my home machine now- - so far the CPU is hovering around 80 fully cranked up; for some reason it posted an 84 max on core 3 earlier today but it is down now. I had it backing the hard drive up so maybe that was the issue.

I can probably do better with airflow. Fans are pulling down into the case to be sure the rad sees the coolest air possible, but inside the case is now warmer. I had to take off the rear case exhaust fan to fit the radiator in; maybe I will put it on the outside with a grate to keep little fingers out =:-) Should help get the warm air out and potentially increase the flow across the radiator as well.

So DarkStarr was pretty spot-on: the two place 120mm radiator is just enough for this job. The card draws up to 250W per NVIDIA documentation and the CPU draws ~70 full tilt so that is a fair amount of energy to dissipate, assuming most of it goes into heat (? Surely some of it goes to increasing the order of the electrons in the CPU, but I have no idea how much. Hmmm).

I can see why people go with big external radiators and large fans. I just want it all inside the case to keep my kids away from it.

Originally Posted by Psi* View Post
Nice atyp. My experience with the C2070 is that it just locks up when it gets too warm. I managed to do that a few times when I was setting the OC settings.

I have never managed to control the fan speeds on the 2 systems I have with CPU watercooled. My systems are push/pull fans on the radiators but they are not noisy ... there is some noticeable fan noise but it is more of a whisper and everything is in dedicated office space. I had considered fan speed control just to reduce dirt accumulation in the radiators, but the radiators are much easier to blow out than the air cooled heatsinks for CPUs. And, I put mesh filters on the fans so dirt accumulation is pretty minimal anyway. This all caused me to lose interest in any sort of fan speed control.

I used a pyrometer all over my systems during setup. With high water flow the temp is quite uniform. Some argue that more heat is removed if the water flow is slow as it is moved thru the radiator ... good argument. But the water is also slow thru the water block & absorbs more heat.

I decided not to mess with any more gadgets & controllers & just let it pump. My CPU OCs are about as good as they get & they can run for days 100% maxxed. Running from 4.2 GHz to 4.5 GHz so another 100 to 200 MHz is not interesting.

And, the OC for the C2070 ... the GPU is set to the maximum setting of the software I am using. I think it is the memory clock that had to be backed down a bit for stability. I also do not think the issue is temperature related although if some sort of peltier device was used higher clocks might be had .... ehhh! I made a thread on that someplace in this forum.
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