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Wouldn't really call myself an audio junkie since I could care much less about what something sounds like than most of the audiophiles I run into. The Mixer you see in the background is part of my Gaming setup. Blending multiple sound cards into one headset so that my audio recordings only have game sounds on them and any teamspeak/skype and or music/netflix I have going at the time ends up in my headset but not my recording.

I tested a few minutes ago took the rubber/gel off my cell phone. I placed an object on it big enough for the mic to sit on and recorded 3 noise tracks. On desk you can hear the computers vibrations, on the gel you really cant and it seemed to be about the same as suspending it in air. Thanks for the tip and while I will still get a stand for doing videos, I think for voice overs I might just pick up a slab of material that will absorb the vibrations from the PC.

Nice mic you got there. I almost bought a headphone amp to replace whats boosting the signal past that mixer and then I was just like screw this im going home. They had the Meteor for 69 and it having been 99 when it came out last year I decided to pop for it.

Once again I am not impressed by much with audio. There is crap, passable, okay, good and excellent with me. The Meteor obviously can capture the bass in my voice and sounds much more natural. But the biggest complaint I would give my headset is you tell your talking into a piece of plastic and it ruins whatever sound it managed to capture. The greatest value is when I am doing an instructional video and I am in the frame, I have a mic that will work for that. But with my finances I would normally say otherwise I would have just saved the money.
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