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Thanks for finding that. If I was podcasting or something it would be an absolute must. I still need a mic stand for some videos and that is the cheapest at the moment so I grabbed it. Also picked up a pop filter. Went to a store called Guitar Center on my break.

Picture: (Assuming photobucket is going to play nice)

Typing is not much of a concern. It took me 30 takes just to show off the cigarette lighter and cup holder in my computer. I did so many takes because of speaking that the lighter shot out due to the hot metal. I absolutely can not speak live or in one solid take with any amount of reliability. When it comes to screen recorded tutorials for software, etc I record the video speaking out loud what I think I will say and then record the audio later. Any videos with me in them, if my face is out of frame I just record voice over later blending into any audio kept.

Now I just have to work out the room acoustics as much as I can without actually doing anything.... lol. Don't worry that wall is not in my room. I like to shoot against it sometimes.
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