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Very nice article. Had some plans for multiple arrays in this machine but hard drive prices went up and I am only getting caught up on that now.

My first raid was actually with my laptop. I was gifted an identical drive to the one that came with it by tech support for GenTechPC for representing them to potential clients. The higher end model of my laptop came from the factory in that configuration. In a perfect world I would have run RAID 1 but I could not afford drives big enough to actually enjoy that.

My second and current use is those same 2.5 inch 7200 RPM 320 GB drives out of the laptop in my desktop as a record array for fraps. Given a file the average speed needed for 1080P 60 fps is 68 MB/s but the 1500 Mbps of the codec suggest it could peak well over twice that at speeds a SATA II SSD would handle nicely. Lossless? Forget it I need an SSD
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