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Originally Posted by atypicalguy View Post
Cpu temp is limiting factor and it it motherboard protected so it just powers down if too hot. Cpu runs 81-82 deg with everythink cranking in hot weather.
Assuming that is degree C, that is pretty hot but I have run my i7-920 like that for days. It was in the system for a couple of years. There is an old thread here where Rob suggested i go with that initially then upgrade later. Later was finally this morning. I now have a i7-990X as the host for C2070 with similar speeds as the system hosting the M2090.

I use Indigo Extreme as the TIM which required running Prime95 on all cores with the water pump turned off. The CPU maxxed for several seconds ... impressive.That is 100 deg C. I used it on the i7-920 just pulled & on the other i7-990X. Pretty sure water was starting to boil in the CPU water block. Because when I turned the water pump back on a burst of water with fine bubbles came out. We need a funny face with sweat. Like I sad tho, I have done this twice before.

The M2090 + system is faster tho. Still looking into that. These systems are quite similar. Same m/b, same CPUs, same RAM, etc. ... so manufacturing differences could be root cause of the difference performance, but still checking things. Both boxes are running now & that is all that counts at the moment.

Last, Prime95 is now available as 64 bit & can automagically spawn threads on all available cores. Humbling seeing 12 threads fully pegged in Task Manager.

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