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I went and said that, but I just realized I completely mis-calculated the power consumption costs.

There's a 20-25watt difference at idle, and a 75-95watt difference under load when comparing the FX-8350 to the 3770K depending on whose website you read. The US average kWh rate is 12 cents (CA seems to average higher). The following uses the 12 cent kWr rate and that the system is left running the entire year.

25w @ Idle: $26.28
95w @ Load: $99.86

To clarify, the above figures are how much extra you would pay per year in electricity if you bought an 8350 instead of the 3770K. Obviously in my case since I run [email protected] year-round, paying the extra $$ for a 3770K would pay for itself ~1.5 years, and that's ignoring the much higher performance it would give.
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