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Default Comments section, coming soon!

Hi all:

There will be a little bit of site downtime this coming Saturday as we'll be changing the site's backend (CMS). When we come back, the site will feature a brand-new, long-awaited, highly-necessary and long-overdue feature: comments.

At first glance, that addition may seem minor, but it results in a rather major change: content discussion will no longer take place on the forums, but instead inside of the article itself.

We mulled over some ideas of how we could tie the forums to our content even with a comments section, but in the end, every idea seemed to be nonsensical in the end. Fragmented discussion does more harm than good.

As someone who loves our forums, I hate the fact that content will no longer be solely discussed here, but for the health of the site and its future, having the discussion inside of the article itself is important. Plus, it does avail us some other nice perks:
  • You can log in via Disqus, Facebook, Twitter or Google+.
  • You can "like" comments, if that's your thing.
  • You can see popular discussions and site content underneath all the comments, along with outbound links (which benefit the site when clicked).
  • If you use Disqus elsewhere, you can track your replies and such from inside any comments box.
It's important to note that this move doesn't mean the forums risk being shuttered, as that'll never happen as long as I'm alive. The only difference is that our site content won't be discussed here; instead, the forums will be for everything else. Of course, if we post content you like, you are more than welcome to create a thread. It's just not an official thing we'll be doing in a dedicated sub-forum anymore.

Any questions, thoughts, rants and suggestions are welcomed.

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