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Originally Posted by Doomsday View Post
Oh dude, freakin' Awesome! Finally! Loooooooooooooooong overdue that is yes yes!
Glad to hear it man, and yes, overdue is an understatement.

Originally Posted by DarkStarr View Post
>.> NOOOO!!! Its too much CHANGE! LEAVE TECHGAGE ALONE! Seriously though, I though it was fine how it is.
Well, I agree. But this boils down to doing what's best for the site, not personal interest. I'm like a stubborn old man... we're still one of the few sites that don't even have a Facebook group (that'll come at some point), and it's because I tend to just hate Facebook (even though I use it).

A comments section like this is something that's just expected nowadays. It offers a new level of convenience that will encourage those who never come to the forums to comment, to comment. They can log in with an account they assuredly already have, for the sake of not having to sign up for another.

Our forum implementation has just never been that great. Even though we state otherwise, a lot of people are going to assume that an account will be required to comment. Then there's the fact that our mention of a forum thread isn't seen until the end of the last page.. that gives us one op to tell people that it's here, and a lot of people overlook it. There's also the fact that people just don't want to go to another page to comment, and I don't blame them. Having the comments on the same page is just easier all-around. This is especially true with the increase of mobile readers on the site (8% per month).
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