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Default March 2006 Contest Winners

First off, I would like to thank every single person who took the time to enter our contests. We had many people join the forums.. much more than we anticipated. During the month, we had well over 3,000 new posts which is around 10x what we were averaged per previous months

Contest #1 - Pick a Slogan

There was an incredible response to this contest, with over 450 seperate slogan/tagline ideas. With the help of 17 friends including staff members, we have chosen the top three. I personally didn't vote on any, but I think the ones that pulled through are going to look great!

#1) Tomorrows Technology Today -- werty316 (Product Received)
Congrats to werty for winning the grand prize of the Corsair 2GB PC4000 Platinum!

#2) Reviewing Technology Until It Hertz! -- BluKnight (Product requested to be sent out)
Congrats to BluKnight for winning the second prize which was a Vantec Avox!

#3) Life just tastes funny without it. -- Jag (Sent)
Congrats to for winning the third prize of the Logisys Yin Yang case!

Contest #2 - Techgage Survey (5.8% chance of winning)

There were many suggestions thrown at us, and they could have been as in-depth or as simple as possible in order to be entered. We plan to take all the suggestions and evaluate them carefully and will implement the good ones!

The winner of this contest is =CDU=Above! Enjoy your lifetime hosting from Neosurge!

Contest #3 - Lively Community (67% chance of winning)

Oh, and there was this contest which was the EASIEST to enter! All you had to do was sign up, make 20 non-spam posts and you were automatically entered.

And the winners are!

Crucial Gizmo!: Sledgehammer70 (Prize Received)

Diskeeper Professional: CoolZone (Product requested to be sent out)
Diskeeper Professional: xstatic
Diskeeper Professional: sbrehm72255 (Product requested to be sent out)
Diskeeper Professional: liqnit (Product requested to be sent out)
Diskeeper Professional: phonywish (Prize Received)

Logisys CCFL: izzie
Logisys Keyboard: GeekGirl (Prize Received)
Logisys Multifunction Panel: tugovony

Logitech G7: Lothar (Prize Received)

OCZ DDR1: Jakal (Sent)
OCZ DDR2: blindmonk (Sent)

Steganos IA 2006: spiffyp (Prize Received)
Steganos IA 2006: gliffy (Prize Received)
Steganos IA 2006: fussnfeathers (Prize Received)
Steganos IA 2006: Tech-Daddy (Prize Received)
Steganos IA 2006: madstork91 (Prize Received)

Steganos SSS 2006: PUTALE (Prize Received)
Steganos SSS 2006: andanton (Prize Received)
Steganos SSS 2006: supramax (Prize Received)
Steganos SSS 2006: anibalX (Prize Received)
Steganos SSS 2006: skyrise (Prize Received)

TT Xaserbag: Worldstar
TT StarForce CPU:
TT StarForce CPU: fullpicture
TT Polo 735 Coolers: Fr00zen
TT Polo 735 Coolers: Angela Miller (Product requested to be sent out)

Vantec Avox: discharge (Sent)

How winners for contest #2 and #3 were chosen: Due to the randomization capabilities of PHP, a small script was written that would grab all the potential winners from a remote file. After each winner, they were removed from the file so that they could not win two items. The %'s mentioned above were determined by how many total eligable winners were listed.

I will contact each of the winner to gather shipment info.

Thanks again for everyone who entered the contests, and sorry to those to left empty handed! This contest was a great success and there will be many more in the future.
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