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Originally Posted by Rob Williams View Post
"because if an NVIDIA card is not installed, the effects will be relegated to the CPU instead."
Not Exactly, as you saw with it on they said the Apex stuff was ONLY on Nvidia hardware, meaning even with a CPU it wouldn't look like that.

Originally Posted by Rob Williams View Post
"If it was GPU accelerated (as in they allowed Radeons to truly utilize PhysX) AMD chips WOULD run it much better, that's why they won't do it."

What leads you to assume this?
The reason I say Radeons could run it better is because we all know which cards to get to do ANY distributed computing. (Hint its not Nvidia unless its [email protected]) Personally the big thing for me, is the fact some PhysX stuff only runs on the actual Nvidia hardware. The other thing is say you want AMD but have a decent Nvidia card to run as a PhysX card, too bad Nvidia wont support it and specifically disable things in their drivers if you are running an AMD card.

I mean I had PhysX benchmarks from when I had an AMD chip and a Radeon card and then with a 275 as PhysX. With the PhysX card (with a Hybrid PhysX patch) it scored 3x as high with more effects.

EDIT: I wanted to play Hawken.... Too bad the launcher seems to have an issue (on my system and several others) and no one knows why.
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