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For what I think... I think it's awesome. Shorter length, lower noise, and less power draw than a 690, yet significantly better performance in HPC workloads. Still waiting to see how it compares in single-precision workloads like [email protected] though... Clocks up to 1Ghz on air, which is impressive given the 8800 GTX G80 core wasn't even close and was smaller in die area. Can't wait to see what an EVGA Titan Hydrocopper can do as it will cut the temps in half. EVGA is even going to be launching two versions of the watercooled model this time around.

I am very, very happy to hear that NVIDIA is completely removing the artificial double-precision performance cap as well. It needed to go, and now in DP-capable programs Titan actually has a performance justifications for existing beyond a simple, expensive luxury product.

The monitor overdrive option is also extremely awesome. With those Korean panels easily able to clock higher users needed a simple exposed setting rather than hacking drivers to test it out. I can only hope this will help encourage people to start asking for better refresh rate displays, and then maybe manufacturers will start making them. Because if A- panels are capable of hitting 120Hz, I'm sure better quality ones, or at least tweaked electronics designs will easily be able to do it with IPS panels.
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