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Hey everyone.

So I just launched Crysis 3 today after updating my drivers. I went through the training room and got regular fps at max settings, but once I started the first level, 5-10 fps.

I have a 3770K @ 4.5ghz and a Sapphire Vapor-X HD 7970 3GB Ghz Edition @ 1150mhz core clock & 1550mhz mem clock with 16GB of DDR3 1600mhz ram. This can't be normal. Is anyone else suffering from ridiculously low fps on Crysis 3?


EDIT: Installed the 13.2 beta amd drivers for CCC. Now Crysis 3 goes up to 20fps! hooray -.-
He is running 1920x1080. He also disabled his second monitor for gaming. That said, I have seen screenies of Crysis 3. This guy too the details to low and left the textures on high and the game looked the same but gave a frame rate of something over double what he got with it fully maxed but it didn't look any different.
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