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Originally Posted by RainMotorsports View Post
Not sure how it could be a major exaggeration.
I admit that I was off-the-mark when I thought I configured the entire server in 250 characters. It's more like 800; more if you count the edits I had to make to certain files. I logged into the server and viewed the command history to see what I used to setup the server.

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
useradd techgage
apt-get install apache2 mysql-server php5 rsync phpmyadmin logwatch jpegtran libjpeg-progs imagemagick htop memcached
df -BMB
cd /home
nano -w (wrote a script to import the server, including automatic SQL import)
chown techgage:techgage
rsync -av -e ssh [email protected]:/etc/apache2 /etc/apache2
mysql -u root -p (created database user, and databases).
echo "I wonder if Brett will notice this."
cd /etc/apache2/
(Double-checked some configuration stuffs here)
/etc/init.d/apache2 restart
nano -w /etc/crontab
nmap -sS
watch "echo stats | nc 11211"
date +%T -s "17:48:00"
cd /home/SQL ; sh
chown techgage:techgage -R /home/techgage/public_html/wp-content/

At the end of the day, command-line is super quick if you know how to use it. I prefer it over a GUI any day of the week when dealing with low-level stuffs like this. I don't like GUIs, because they can slow you down (mostly if you are a fast typer), especially when tapping in remotely. I can still understand why people would prefer the GUI... it's easier. I wouldn't call it quicker.
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