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Originally Posted by MacMan View Post
It seems like yesterday when the iPad came out people that complained that it was nothing but a big old iPhone and nobody would want one, because notebooks had keyboards, a full OS, etc., etc.

Now, after 20 years of tablets that were not selling, suddenly all thanks to the iPad, tablets have become a virtual notebook killer, not that I have any plans to buy one instead of a traditional laptop or a desktop. I guess, I'm just and old fart that is too steeped in my ways to change.
Tablet PC's were just that. The iOS and Android Tablet devices are a completely separate market to me. I would never buy one to do the others job. Tablet form factor PC's in the past have suffered more from their hardware requirements then their operating systems. Tablet convertible laptops always seem to come unhinged when it comes to the hinge. But I had always wanted one.

Personally until either can run every single application I use on my laptop I have little interest. Seeing as how that's not going to happen anytime soon I am in the market for a laptop. I really don't make phone calls but need to carry a phone. I actually have a large interest in the 8 inch Galaxy Note thats been announced. I don't really like the particular offering but its the first in a line that I have been waiting for. If you can carry a tablet then there is no such thing as too big a phone. Thats what BT headsets are for
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