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Originally Posted by MeBe View Post
Lower metric wins whenever two identical routes
Whoa, I hadn't considered that. The reason I didn't experience that issue in the previous config is that even though the ISP router was, it didn't matter to my PC because it was connected to a router with So it just worked.

Originally Posted by MeBe View Post
"dude, I got nothing. But if you want to send me something destined for I can totally do that for you with my eth switch and forwarding your L2 frame"
ROFL. Big Louis CK fan here ;-)

Originally Posted by MeBe View Post
Since your NAS and PC share the same subnet, they always know how to reach each other. The problem is for the times your PC thinks that same subnet is also the way it should send everything to the internet.
Here's a stupid n00b question; is the lone reason I can't connect the NAS directly to my PC due to the lack of a crossover cable? I haven't used one of those since the days my LAN parties consisted of two PCs, only one connected to the net.

Originally Posted by MeBe View Post
I think the command you want is:
route -p add 9 if 18
- or maybe -
route -p add 9 if 0x18
- or maybe -
route -p add 9 if
Out of curiosity, what does "9 if 18" mean? Is it just the span of IP addresses, such as -

Instead of running those, I think what I'm going to attempt is changing the IP of the ISP router (I do have access to it; it's a family's member's network I'm borrowing that lives close), and then just change my internal router to like it probably should have been since the beginning.

Thanks a ton for the help, I am confident this is exactly the issue. Will update soon!
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