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First things first. Grats on the working account ;-) I hope you'll stick around, and feel compelled to rant about your own problems. Maybe I'll actually be able to return the favor at some point.

Second, I thought this fixed the issue, but I've been having the same one today, even though the IP addresses for each respective router and NIC have not changed. for the ISP router ( for the dongle) and for the internal router and for my wired NIC.

I spent 40 minutes on the phone with the ISP yesterday and they bumped up the install to tomorrow. I cannot wait... the net has been utterly painful since I moved :S

Originally Posted by MeBe
With a crossover cable you'll probably have more trouble trying to make sure both sides have the IP they need to talk to each other.
Ahh, that makes sense. I do remember dealing with the crossover cables to be a pain in the ass... but it was needed for some mutliplayer action.

Originally Posted by Rob Williams
what does "9 if 18" mean?
When I asked this, I didn't really mean the entire line, but rather that particular part. I just wasn't sure if it was a range or not. I'm a little swamped today, but if I can find time I might just revert everything and try these routes. Something tells me I should just play it cool until I actually get Internet tomorrow though, because I'll end up sinking so much more time into it. Have sunk so much already :S

Originally Posted by MeBe
Are you saying that you are going to or already have changed the ISP router to and your internal router (with the NAS attached to it) to ?
Yes, as stated with my "Second" line up at the top of this post. Things were definitely better... it was the first time I could use both things all day. Usually it took under an hour to prove that I was having issues, but this lasted a while. Major fluke, potentially. The IP addresses I'm running now have been identical.

Originally Posted by MeBe
The difference at the last place is that your PC was only directly connected to one single network, and reached all other networks via that single net.
Yes, I understand. Slightly poor wording on my part. What I meant was that my internal router was getting the net from the second one, so it wasn't like my PC was trying to grab from two connections at once (like I'm doing now).

That all said, I am definitely bookmarking this post for later reference. I'll understand it all better one of these days, I'll make sure of that. You'd get along with Brett on staff quite well. You can both understand complex networks when I struggle just to understand the basics. Had a good discussion about DMZ with him a few weeks ago and, as usual, couldn't understand most of it.

Originally Posted by MeBe
think I'll be doing my first post soon and hopefully you'll be able to give some advise on that build. Trying to build out an ESXi box with servers for studying for the CCIE voice exam. I used to keep up with PCs from the 80s all the way up to about 10 years ago but now I find how much I don't feel confident on when making decisions since I've focused on Cisco networking and haven't kept up on the latest CPU/Motherboard/RAM options.
That sounds great, looking forward to it. Just a heads-up... if cutting-edge matters to you, Intel is likely to release its new microarchitecture in a month (Haswell).
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