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Any upgrade I do will probably center around the GPU and possibly ram. Currently I have 4 gigs and it's been fine with it but if games get any more demanding I'll up it to 8. I wish I'd had the foresight to pick up a pair of 4 gig DDR2 kits when they were under $50. Now that it's gone out of style the price has nearly doubled. Still, $200 in ram is cheaper than buying everything over. I mean it's still a game of inches on PC upgrades. Not like when going from P4 to Core2 or an Athlon to Athlon 64 dual core. As to when I plan to upgrade to current gen stuff, well, when I have to. as a WC'er it's not as simple as it is if you air cool. I'd need a new CPU block as there's no top that works with the new Intel LGA boards for mine and possibly a new GPU block. Or I could scrap my loop and go with air cooling and only need to buy a CPU cooler. A tad drastic though.

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