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Can you give any reasons for that opinion?

I am wondering because there are many reviews for asrock but only little for biostar on the web. One that i found was this:

Also there are some Z77 reviews out there, but still, asrock is much more present here. So based on the popularity i would certainly pick an asrock board here, but i could not find out a lot about there audio quality. I understand asrock is a low cost brand from asus, so i am not sure what asus changes to make them less pricey.... anyway, they are heavy focused on overclocking, which is not my priority.

On the other hand i see biostar as separate manufacturer that does not do a lot of marketing at all. So i could imagine they are running as underdog below the radar with a weaker brand (if you can call it like that)

For some reason i will give biostar the chance. The price is comparable and i like their feature set on audio and quality. My sennheiser will teach me if i am right

Refering to the GPU: Do you have any suggestion for a good value for money?
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