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Default My G7 experiences so far...

Well, I can finally give a little more info about using this mouse, but I still need to do some more testing. I gave it a good workout over the weekend because I held a LAN party. It was lots of fun. Ok, on to the mouse...

So far, it's been a mixed bag. When I first recieved the mouse it wasn't synced with the receiver. When I plugged in the receiver it was recognized, but I could not get it to see the mouse. Finally I was able to resync it and it works nicely now.

Using the mouse was nice. It felt great in my hand. It was weighted nicely. I was forced to use a mousepad with it because the surface of my LAN party tables didn't reflect the laser very well (or maybe too much?) so even at a high (2000) dpi, it felt like a very low (400) dpi so I was moving the mouse a lot. Working with a mouse pad, everything worked great. The mouse was flying all over the place.

It was also really nice to be able to change the precision on the fly. Sniping was a pleasure.

Mouse batteries lasted a fairly long time. I didn't do an exact time measurement but I think they lasted atleast 8-9 hours. Replacement was a snap; press the eject button and slide the new one in. No cover to take off first or anything.

The battery charger was another problem I had. I think I just have a bum unit, but my charger won't charge the battery unless I wedge something in with it because it doesn't make a solid contact and thus won't charge the batteries. Once I got it charging things went fast. I used the burst charging because I was sitting on two dead batteries (yes it came with two batteries so you can have one charging while the other is in use, so you never miss more than a second - battery switching time - in those high paced games) and I had enough charge to finish out the night about about 3 minutes. I think it takes about 2 hours to get a full charge when using burst mode, and 8 hours in the slower mode.

I really liked the fact that the battery charger had a USB port on it that you could use it to plug the receiver in. It was nice to only need one USB port, not two.

One problem that I ran into though (and this again may just be my unit...) was that every now and then the receiver would just go funky and would hold the last function for about five seconds before it would start responding to the mouse again. So there were times where I would just run in a straight line shooting my gun and there was nothing I could do about it (I set run and fire to my two main mouse buttons). That was really annoying. It didn't happen very often, but often enough. I have to do a little more testing for this one though because the only time I've really used this mouse was at a LAN party so it may have been an issue of just too much electronics in a small area. Or maybe my cordless phone was causing problems every now and then. Maybe the batteries were dying at the time, but I don't think that was it. It could have been that all my USB ports are 1.1 and not 2.0. I'm just not sure at this point. I'll try to narrow it down over the next couple of days.

Using the software I was able to set my own precision level just for Unreal Tournament. That was kinda cool. So you can set specific levels for specific programs. I like that.

I haven't really used the mouse wheel a lot yet but I noticed that the mouse wheel can be pushed right and left as well as it's normall scrolling. I'm sure that can be used to my advantage somehow.

I think that's everything so far. I'll add more as I find something interesting. I know this wasn't really professionally layed out or anything, I just wanted to get my thoughts out there in as short a time as possible. End result: I really like this mouse and I think it's a great addition to my setup! Thanks again guys!
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