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"I've personally come across dozens of computers that fail to boot, simply because of bad RAM."

It's not that related, but last night I had a RAM not secured in 100%, and the PC turned on, but just for half a second. I was a little worried at first... but it's clear that RAM definitely is a fickle beast.

"You'll be surprised to know and just how many issues resetting and shorting out the RTC CMOS and BIOS can fix. Disconnect from the mains and allow the system to discharge fully, remove the battery, remove the jumper, short out the two battery contacts and press/hold the reset button (if it has one) for 5 seconds. Put the battery back in and turn the system back on."

Sheesh, that seems like a lot of work. On modern boards you usually just have to move the jumper a couple of pins over in order to reset the CMOS. Or leave the battery out for 15 minutes, but obviously that's not ideal for what you do.

Fixing a bent pin on a 478 is tricky, but on an LGA775, it's brutal.

PGA CPUs can go... well, you know. Have had a couple of nightmares dropping AMD chips onto carpet... and those were mild cases :S
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