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Originally Posted by liqnit
Great results werty
Do you feel better gaming that goes along with it?
I really haven't tried any gaming yet; 3dmark scores went down a bit but not by much. I haven't done full gaming tests with different setting but I will this weekend.

Originally Posted by Rob Williams
Glad there are so many happy people over here

Werty, great results! Is there a reason you don't OC your chip more than that though? Surely the 3000+ is capable of much more than 2.2GHz.
I didn't want a bottleneck but I guess I didn't have to use a CPU divider as my 3000+ hits [email protected] with ease. I got it up to 2.8GHz fully stable but it required 1.7V; I'll never do that again. I was lucky I didn't kill my cpu as I was using a TT POLO735 cooler; I have a TT Big Typhoon now.

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