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It's great to see you around, Psi*!

I admit that I am pretty unfamiliar with coin-mining efficiency, and this is really the first I've heard of NVIDIA cards being considered for such a purpose. From what I understand, even mainstream AMD Radeon cards can outperform NVIDIA's highest-end, although that might change with the new Maxwell architecture. I need to look around and see if there is a worthwile benchmark that can help give me some proper information on this.

Also, how on earth is a K6000 going for $10K? That should be about $5K tops. Oddly enough, I have a K5000, so I am now wondering if that would be worth testing out some mining concepts with.

Though I should note I am really not a fan of mining... I find it kind of silly that money can be pulled out of thin air, and that people spend so much money on their power bills at a bite of it - I mean, it doesn't seem reasonable that I could build a PC and begin earning more than I spent on it. Some facts are lost on me.

The biggest issue is how it's affected the gaming market for Radeon cards. I know a handful of people that have wanted to buy but have held back due to the insane inflation.
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