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Default Modified a laptop to hold my Nexus 5.

I bought a new laptop that was already ridiculous and then did something ridiculous to it. Its a Bay Trail Quad Core Celeron which while weak does play Portal. More importantly it was $230 bucks and gets 4 to 6 hours of battery life. But it has no optical drive and the space is there.

So what do I do install one and find a faceplate for this chassis. How about get an OBHD caddy and stick a hard drive in there instead. Even better lets cut up the caddy and put a phone in there instead.


While I haven't braved say adapting the sata power to a USB dock yet. I did this for a real reason. I tether on the go with this laptop, thats the entire reason I bought it since my old gaming laptop is still more powerful. I can leave my phone in my pocket but if I walk too far it might disconnect. Normally I leave the phone in my bag to prevent this but Id like to solve both while moving around alot.

So I had 2 options. I could cut the blank that came with the laptop. One divider out of either side of the middle is just the right size for the phone. But finding a spare blank for warranty purposes would be difficult. It just so happens the phone is the same width as a 2.5" hard drive and they make such adapters for laptops.


I need to put a screen protector on the phone to really protect it but I am use paper to cover the metal above the bay (meant as a heat sink to the drive). Next step is to smooth this out and cut down a face plate to cover up the excess left and right of the hole.

But a couple pics related to this items normal use:
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