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Originally Posted by Rob Williams View Post
Psst, those thumbnails don't click through to the larger version!
PSST I forgot your website does that to thumbnails linked to a url!

No seriously your site turns all images into click to open in new tabs. There is no url on the main image for example but you can click on it and it opens in a new tab.

The URL for the thumbnails is 100% correct, check the hover over and the post text its -

However when you click on it, it opens the image in a new tab rather than actually following the URL. The image is -

The difference in the URL is /albums/ versus /user/ and the .html at the end. Clearly you have a plugin thats adding onclick="" to each image unless its a template edit which i doubt. Basically the open in new tab javascript is hijacking the link url on the image. You likely added it to allow viewing the fullsize images from articles while scaling them down to fit the article. I used to have a work around for this but i forgot what it was.
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