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Default Forum Guidelines..

Here is the list of the official forum rules. We ask that you follow these, in order to keep the forums clean and enjoyable for everyone. If you break one of these rules, you can risk being banned.

1. NO Flaming or Harrassment:
There is to be no flaming or namecalling of the other posters. This includes insulting their ideas or comments, personal opinions, race, sex, age, religious beliefs. If you don't know if you should say it, DON'T.

2. No spamming or shouting:
We ask that you do not spam our forums with useless threads, or useless shouts. This includes starting the same topic on multiple forums, when it should remain in one.

3. Don't overdo the swearing:
We allow minor "cursing", but overusing it, to the extent that it's obvious you are dying for a ban, then we will grant your wish. We ask that you refrain from using Carlins 7 Words.

4. No linking to Pornography or Obscene Materials:
If you post a link to a Pornographic or otherwise Obscene picture, you can expect a swift kick in the ass, along with a ban.

5. No Warez Talk:
We are extremely against the talk of Warez and links to Pirated anything. If you post anything related to Warez, you will be banned.

6. Immitating the Staff or another forum Member:
Will also result in a quick permanent ban.

7. Keep posts in their respective forum:
There are descriptions below each forum name, so there should not be much confusion in where to post them. Not a bannable offense, unless it's done on purpose.

8. Privacy Issues:
Do NOT post your private information, including your Address, Phone Number, Real Name, IP address or anything related. We respect our visitors privacy.

Following the above guidelines should result in good clean posting for everyone. If you are not sure whether or not what you are about to post is allowed.. then don't post it.

The Guidelines can be edited at any time to reflect changes.
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