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Well, there you have it. As i suspected. Poor performance via the outdated PCI bus, throttling back the data through put of the PCIe bus. And lack of truely improved graphics content, due to the fact that reguardless of how much phycis processing you offload from the CPU, the video card can only render so many pixels onscreen reguardless.

I still belive that this product is a joke, as notied in this thread...

And aparently the Havok over at Firing squad thinks so as well.

HAVOK: AGEIA appears to imply and consumers conjecture that the PPU is generating so many objects that the GPU cannot handle the load. Multiple direct tests on the game by using NVIDIA’s and ATI GPUs indicate the GPU has room to spare and in fact, if the PPU is factored out of the game, that the particle content generated by the PPU can easily be drawn at full game speeds by the GPU. So the introduction of the PPU most certainly appears to be the cause of the slow down in this case. NVIDIA specifically can technically verify that the GPU is not the cause of the slowdown.

AGEIA: While we believe that a high-end system configuration of leading edge CPUs and GPUs is always a good thing, PhysX does not require it. Today’s powerful CPUs are quite capable of excellent game AI and logic and the newest GPUs are well positioned for rendering and displaying images. Users can make up their mind on their own about the best solution for physics. You can already see responses to the above notion on other gaming forums. GRAW and other titles today are good, but they are only the beginning....

If that isnt the biggest bunch of marketing spin ive ever heard i dont know what is.

In translation, they are saying our product doesnt need a fast processor or a high end video card to work...we didnt say work right, or actually improve your game play...we just said "work". And we want the consumer to draw his own conclusion, which really means, we will jsut have to double our marketing effort.

If you want to read the full FS article, its here.

Agias retort to that articles is here.

Its really sad to see a company struggle so hard to keep their head above water. But, given all the BS they shoveld from the get go about how great the product was, i cant say i really feel sorry for them.

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