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Originally Posted by fussnfeathers
PPE in a PCIe configuration, as a stand-alone card, will not fly. You'd have to choose between a single vid card and a PPE card, rather than SLI with a PPE card (or Crossfire with PPE).
I don't think you realize that the card would not have to be a PCI-E 16x card. As far as I know, even a PCI-E 1x card can provide more bandwidth than a standard PCI slot. Either way, there are PCI-E 4x slots on our computers that we are not using, and very few products will even support them. The PCI route that AGEIA took was no doubt taken to support old school gamers that still use AGP GPU's. But seriously, who is going to be using an AGP system and want to slap $250 on an add-on PCI card.

In regards to PhysX in general, I am two-side on the subject. I had very high hopes in the card, and have been following it since early last year. Currently, GRAW and Cell Factor are the 'killer-apps' for the card, but two doesn't exactly make anyone want to run out and spend a huge wad of cash on it.

Currently, GRAW doesn't offer a mindblowing experience if you add-in a card, and Cell Factor seems to be more of a tech demo than anything. I anticipate UT2007, because that may be the official killer-app for the card.

It's evident that AGEIA has the support of many companies out there, so now it seems like it's just a matter of time before the support will actually get released.
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