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Originally Posted by physychic
It is easy to complain very quickly. Frame rate is not a measure of realism or physics. It just happens frame rate is important for rendering graphics (for the graphics cards). It should not be bad, however. I understand the boards tested by Anandtech, et al. had old drivers and they didn't use the latest, which easily overcomes the frame rate issue. But some forums find it hard to swallow their pride and they won't retract the story. Second, the graphics cards at the high end cost over $400. the price of the PPU is between $249 and $299. If you want to experience something new - you are only certain to get more games on Ageia PPU. Stop complaining so easily.

Yes. The frame rate issues have been fixed with the updated drivers and we all know the games will be there. Whether or not they are blockbusters are another thing. I am honestly bored with all the reviews that I have read so far and tired of certain other sites bashing the hell out of it. I am currently out on my opinion of the card but it is extremely promising. I am holding off on releasing my review untill I get RoN: RoL tomorrow. There are also copies of the retail GRAW and Bet on Soldier coming in to review the PPU with so it will be the end of the week or early next untill I reach my conclusion. I just don't want to have my review look EXACTLY like every other review so stay tuned...
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