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Well sorry, but unfortunately your review WILL be like every other review of the card.

Not becuase of lack of creative writing skill, But for the simple fact that you will get the exact same results. Weak, crappy, "particle acceleration".

All of the games you mentioned, though "fully supporting" the PhysX PPU, are ntohting more then some aditional bursts of particles, and flack. ANd im sorry, but you dont need a $300 add in card for that. And that sort of thing could easily be done elsewhere.

The fact still remains, the only truely killer app, is that stupid tech demo that Agia has. And who bought their last video card bassed on the tech demo that nVidia or ATi demoed it with? I sure as hell know i didnt.

Untill Agia gets a TRUELY killer app, it will go no where.
And no game developer is going to go out onto a limb with game that will only support working on an as wet unproven piece of hardware. Its simply to much of a risk. WHich means that the games will be built to run on standard hardware, the lowest common denominator. Sure there might be some blowing trash, or maybe even a potted plant getting into the mix, but is it really improving your gameplay experience...i mean really adding an extra dimension? In most cases, probibly not. Well, maybe to some people, but i doubt most will justify $300 worth of better.

WHich perhaps leads me to wonder if Ageia should take a new approach with the PPU. And perhaps Rename it, PEPU. Or Particle Effect Processing Unit. Becuase so far, we have seen any physics calculation worth writing home about. And wont for at leat another 10 months...and whos going to care about the hardware they bought ten months ago? Certaintly not the game that would shell out $300 on impulse to buy a PPU to begin with.
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