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Originally Posted by DarkSynergy
Perhaps you would like to write it since you know what it will say. JK

I am partially blaming the game publishers for half assing the coding for the games because so far. Physics will come into it's own eventually but I honestly dont think it will be for another couple of years.
Hehe, Touché.

Well, i dont think the game publishers can really be blamed for the shortcomings of Agias own bad marketing, and failure to provide development kits earliy int eh development process of the game.

From everything ive heard they have bought up some physics properties, then showed up on everyones door step and said "heres a new physics development tool, and heres this acceleration card, heres our press kit, its all free, so do with it what you can, just as long as you can get a game that supports it out to market sooner then later."

When your put on the spot like that, and have at a very early stage of the development process already taken advantage of a software physics engine (like havok), you have to go back, write excess code, and find some way to actually blend it into the current game quickly. And at the same time, not add so much graphical content that it puts the game out of reach for people with average graphics systems, or makes the physics accelerated version look so good that the majority of gamers without it will overlook teh game completely. That alot of decision making, planning, and orchestration to have happen in less then 8 months.

You simply cant make a fantastic product with such poor planning.
As ive said before, timing was everything. And they screwed the pooch on it.
Had they held the card back fromt eh market untill the developers where able to take full advantage of their hardware, it would have been much better. Instead, for the first year of this card product cycle, all we are going to see is patched up games with accelerated particle effects, and some secondary physics calculations in specific situations only.
Just imagine if they had their head on straight and got these development kits out 16-18 months ago what a game like Oblivion would look like with physics acceleration.

Somthing needs to happen real soon that will wow the gaming public, or this card will become forgotten overnight.
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