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Default Ordered a pair, will arrive today

Originally Posted by Rob Williams
Corsair once again wants the top spot in the DDR market, and they have it. The 4400PRO is the only 2GB kit available at these speeds, which is reason enough to check them out. Well, they prove very fast as we had hoped, despite the somewhat loose timings. Let's take a deeper look.

After reading my review here, discuss it here!
I'm currently running an A8N-SLI Deluxe w/ bios 1017.004 (beta). The rig is running with a 5/6 memory divider (i think). The ddr is set to 333 and I run the fsb/multiplier at 10*250. This results in a 2500mhz core and 418ddr memory. I currently have the cosair standard 2gb kit ( 1T). It is hoped that I can run 1:1 250fsb. Performance wise, I not expecting a big jump, just wanted to do it. I'll let you know tonight, delivery is expected today. Thanks Gagers!
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