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Default Received them - quick experiences

Originally Posted by Unregistered
I'm currently running an A8N-SLI Deluxe w/ bios 1017.004 (beta). The rig is running with a 5/6 memory divider (i think). The ddr is set to 333 and I run the fsb/multiplier at 10*250. This results in a 2500mhz core and 418ddr memory. I currently have the cosair standard 2gb kit ( 1T). It is hoped that I can run 1:1 250fsb. Performance wise, I not expecting a big jump, just wanted to do it. I'll let you know tonight, delivery is expected today. Thanks Gagers!
Ok, my rig consists of:

Athlon X2 4200
Asus A8N SLI Deluxe
SB Xfi Platinum
Hauppage MCE500
600w seasonic SLI PSU
2gb Cosair DDR550 (part being evaluated)

With a 2gb pair of Corsair 3200c2's I was running a 5/6 mem divider a FSB of 250 with a 10x multiplier (2500mhz core, mem DDR418)

With this pair, The highest OC i can reach is 255x10 at a 1:1 ratio. The memory timings are The bottom line is the memory latency is a lot higher at this frequency, but at the sacrafice of the 1T timings, bandwidth suffers. 1T settings crash shortly after bootup (same spot every time, desktop and then BSOD). The highest 1T i could get was at 240mhz fsb. But my benchmarks prove that it is running healthier at a 1:1 mem/fsb ratio than using a memory divider. The only decrease I witnessed is in Sandras bandwidth benchmark (using 2007 edition, Guru3d has it), the latency benchmark had very positive results. If you need specifics in my experience, just ask. I believe my limitations are inherent of the processor. But I'm happy with the results- not sure if it was worth almost 300 bucks (considering my short memory size/perfomance jump).
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