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Originally Posted by Rob Williams
Hmm, yeah I am surprised that CPU can't go higher than 2.55GHz. Even more, I am _very_ surprised that you crash going 1T. Even with my subpar kit, I was able to do 272MHz at 1T no problem.

There's definitely something there messing with you. I blame it on Infineon
Dunno if it's the mobo or the cpu. I've upgraded my PSU(mostly for the SLI configuration), and my overclocking experiences remain consistent, and the new ram experiences reflect similar cpu core results. But never before was I able to run such frequencys with the cpu/mem at 1:1.
The mobo won't allow for higher core voltage than 1.45, and no NB adjustment. the NB still runs at 1000 HTT, dunno if 4*250 settings require higher voltage for that. Think it may be the motherboard or the infineon chips?
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