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Originally Posted by Rob Williams
I am not familiar with that board, but I know it's a popular one. Have you updated to the latest BIOS for that board?

I am not sure if it's a directly similar board, but Corsair tested 20 of these kits in an A8N-SLI Premium and each and every one worked fine. They were also using an X2 4200+, which makes this even more odd.

You may want to read Redbeards last post in this thread regarding the memory. It could be a BIOS issue, I am not positive. He ran his X2 4200+ at 2.75GHz though.
Those two boards,(the deluxe vs premium) do have some differences outside the NB heatpipe. I'm tempted to try one, and would prefer the premium over the newer a8n32 so when SLI is used with dual slot cards, I still have two pci slots available. Thanks for your help and resourcefulness.
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