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Default Not Silent Enough

I've been using Silentium 1 for more than a year now, and actually the case does not seem to collect dust more than an ordinary case would.(basicly Silentium 1 doesn't diff much -if any - from Silentium 2)

The plastic bottom where you have to place the case carefully is actually annoying, but usually I am not in a need to look inside of the case so I can live with that. It is amazing that there is no manual or other assembly instructions in the box. I can't understand this kind of marketing from the Artic Cooling.

The biggest complain for me is that the case does not appear to be that silent (remember: I am the next door guy using passive graphics cards ect. to prevent extra noise from being recorded when I do my recordings). The fans accelerate way too early to the max rotation speed where the fan noise is easily described as an audible audio source. It would have been great, if the end user could affect the rotation speeds, but as the case is it can hardly be called silent.

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