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Originally Posted by Gimbal
It is amazing that there is no manual or other assembly instructions in the box. I can't understand this kind of marketing from the Artic Cooling.
I was talking to AC on the phone yesterday, and apparently I received the 'wrong' case, so to speak. The case I had was not meant to go to anyone, because of a few issues. Apparently, the PSU is indeed supposed to have a PCI-E connecter, but I will have to see that to believe it. Also, the manual *should* have been in there, but wasn't because this was a case someone just threw to the side.

However, I still find that odd, because the box when received, didn't look like it was previously opened. AC is supposed to get back to me regarding a few complaints in the review, and I will addendum the article when she does.

Gimbal, out of curiosity, what kind of recordings do you do? I can understand the need for a quiet PC in that case especially.
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