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I agree completely with what Greg said...what exactly does this mouse do? Whats it for? Is there a need for an MMO/RPG mouse? Of course not.

I think what happened here is that they had this brain storm to develop a cunsumer level mouse, to compete with the like of generic Logitech, and MS mice. They made it a little smaller then teh Copperhead for the average computer user (which includes small handed women), and with less confusing "special" buttons to get in teh way of the general end user (again, namely women [no offence Jenn much love] ). Then went to the board of directors with teh idea and said "WOW! LOOK WHAT WE DID! its a consumer mouse that every gamer will want their mom to have becuase they respect the Razer name." and the board said "WTF IS THIS TRIPE??!! We build gaming mice, not people mice! Dear god... all that money, all that research....gone.....We have to recover from this...we have to make this a defacto gaming mouse so that people wont think we've sold out and gone soft! Ok guys, ideas, ideas....Whats hot?" THe janitor in the back room says "I hear World of Warcraft is a preaty popular game with the kids these days." And the head director says "SEE!!! THATS WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT! THE AMERICAN DREAM! Manuel here represents a REAL gamer, he has a pulse on teh world of gaming nirvana that surrouds us here! What the hell do i pay you lot for?! Certaintly not becuase you look preaty...but what the hell, not like i can fire you. So, World of Warcraft, eh? Thats it, heres what we will do, we will create a NEW market for mice...the MMO/RPG/RTS/acronym supreme mouse, and we will show that we still have a gaming backbone." And of course everyone in teh board meeting, including Manuel, started to dance and cheer the new idea, and its greatness. But all was not fun and games, becuase before the dancing stopped, the entire R&D department was fired on the spot for not making a real gaming mouse. And subsiquently Manuel was promoted to lead designer, who is now helping Razer make a new elite designed extreme gaming keyboard vacuming device. It'll be hot, just you wait and see.

So, back to reality. This thing wont sell for squat. At that price point Logitech preaty much owns the market. And what Logitech doesnt get, MS does. You cant sell a boutque branded item, at a department store level, and expect it to do well. Becuase people will question its authentisity, and definately its quality. And honestly, if some of the old Razer quality gremlins are still there (i havent touched a razer for long enough to know), id honestly rather have the Logitech or the MS mouse over it for daily use.

This is kind of like MS making a natural wave KB in brown, and calling it the Oblivion/WoW/RPG Ergonomic natural Key Board for extended playing periods, and trying to sell it along side their standard ones. No one will care.

Im sure the mouse is more then deserving of tis 7/10 rating. But honestly, in 6 months will anyone other then Razers share holders care about this mouse? I think not.

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