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No doubt. It definately is a decent mouse. And it certaintly is another alternative, albeit in an already crowded market sector. But, i think they would have had a much better job of just calling it a basic mouse, instead of adding some amber LED's and branding it as a "MMO/RTS Gaming Mouse". I mean its almsot an insult to their own products. As if to say, its not really good enough to work with a shooter, but its a decent mouse, which makes it good enough if you like slow games with alot of repetitive clicking.

I just dont understand why they are so keen on keeping the "gaming mouse" theme going, that it ends up making them look a bit silly.

I dont think anyone would really be to upset with Razer if they just said "hey, heres a mouse, its got some nice features, and its more then adiquate for gaming".
But attempting to brand it as gaming specificto attempt to ride teh WoW wave, well...thats reaching a bit.

But, all said, its still a good mouse. No denying that.
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