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Default AMD 4x4 Enthusiast

No not that 4x4.. a new 4x4.

AMD announced today during a conference call that a new platform will be created and focused on just for the enthusiast desktop market. AMD has long been driving high-performance features on its Athlon family of processors and according to a number of surveys, most gamers are swaying towards AMD systems rather than Intel systems for gaming, or other application intense applications. Called 4x4, AMD's new platform brings along dual-socket motherboards.

So, picture a dual socket motherboard.. like servers use. But they are not for servers, rather enthusiasts. Here's a catch, it looks like they will -only- accept FX processors, which means the FX-62 since it's currently the only AM2 processor.

Without doubt, a motherboard like this would cost at least $300. Couple two FX-62's together, which would be around $2,000. So, $2,300 for the motherboard and CPU's. Exactly -why- does an enthusiast need this? Apparently enthusiast to AMD means 'hardcore SPI clocker'.

Three things I find odd.. why the FX and not the AM2 desktop Dual Cores? There's no doubt that this would appeal to FAR more people if you could throw two 4000+'s in there. Of course, that would beat the pants off the FX-62, which is why they may be making it so exclusive.

AMD will also be releasing a new enthusiast focused chipset for the market...

Does this mean that the board will not feature nF5?

...which is designed to take non-ECC unbuffered DDR memory.

Huh, what? DDR1 on AM2?
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