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Smile Hello!

Thanks for the review!

Living in Sweden ( a small country in the north ) there's a limited offering of decent X.1 speakers for < 100 bucks. But of course Logitech & Creative can be found, so I went ahead and bought this Logitech Z-4 2.1 speakers set.

a) The control unit is gold.
b) The super woofer ( bass ) sounds great, especially at volume level ( or less ) with bass level ( or less ).
c) The extra line-in & the headphone jack is what Jen McPherson said; "a handy feature". This feature adds to the value.

Is it me or does the satellites sound a bit weak in the lower midrange/midrange? Bass and treble feels overwhelming when pumping up the volume. Messing with the equalizer improves things somewhat, but ... nah still not perfect.

Maybe I'm asking to much, it's a fairly cheap one and overall I'm happy with the sound - this speaker system - this purchase.

Bye! / Ulf
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