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Originally Posted by Unregistered
Is it me or does the satellites sound a bit weak in the lower midrange/midrange? Bass and treble feels overwhelming when pumping up the volume. Messing with the equalizer improves things somewhat, but ... nah still not perfect.
Unfortunately, thats a major problem with most multimedia sound systems you will buy. Not many of them are capable of handling proper midrange, and those that are, are not in the $100 price range.

Unfortunately there isnt much you can really do about it, other then turn downt ehbass and the trebbile a little in hopes of bringing them down tot eh midranges level. But as the midrange on drivers that small is often -8db or more, its difficult to acheive that.

So you have to just live with it.

All things considered though, for the value in the speakers, you really cant go wrong.
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