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Originally Posted by Unregistered
Thanx, well yeah I thought so.
Can't really expect high class midrange out of those small speakers.

There's definetely a dip at 200Hz - 1kHz in the spectrum.

Replaced the satellites with new ones ( a pair of from my old home stereo ).
Much better midrange, but now I get too much bass and hardly any treble ... lol.

What you might try, as i have done with an old pair of Altec Lancing ACS45.1 speakers i had, was disassemble the drivers, and put polly fill (the stuff that goes into craft projects like stuffed Animals, and pillows), and stuff an equal amount of it into the two satalites. THat in effect lowers the tuning frequency of the driver, and help pick up some of the midrange loss.

Although, thinking about it, im not so sure you could do that with this satalite driver arangement. So, hehe, i dont know why i mentioned that, but if you ever get another system with a larger satalive enclosure, it works fantasticly.
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