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Originally Posted by aussiebear
Yeah, the problem with updating in regards to 10.1 was because, during Beta releases, the SUSE Developers decided to incoporate a new updating solution which combines the benefits of two older solutions.
Good point. I was unaware of this, but it makes sense as to why there are problems not found in the older version.

Originally Posted by aussiebear
This is a commercial solution, and I would've expected it to be bundled.
Haha, yeah. Even if you have an older NVIDIA card, you are still obviously going to want to use the proper driver. The main issue here to me, is that SuSE is developed with 'noobies' in mind. Yes, for the experienced user, installing an NVIDIA driver is a walk in the park, but for a complete noobie, they will have to do a fair amount of reading. Not that I am against that, but this -is- a 'jump in and go' type of distro.

I agree with you on the XGL stuff also. Personally, I would not use any of it's 'features', simply because I have not once ever used a 2nd desktop to begin with. Everything else is simply eye candy.

Regarding your VM Server.. would that game not run through Wine without the need for VM? I am unsure as I haven't tried it, but it -is- a 10 year old game. I guess it would be easier to seperately install Windows that way though..

When I get some time though, I will give VM Server a run, especially since it's free now. Thanks for the informative post
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