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I must say, I really don't agree with your article. True, there may not be "huge" differences right now between 32-bit and 64-bit, some of your information and tests were misleading. For example, you ran 32-bit synthetic benchmarks under x64 through WoW64 (an emulator) and expected an increase in performance? It's one thing to run a 32-bit game or app through WoW64 and test performance, but a synthetic benchmark? Also, the FarCry patch you so quickly denounced added additional content that should have reduced performance. Instead, due to the advantages of x64, the performance hit was negligible. You yourself said so in the article, but you put the spin on it to represent what you wanted to get across. Finally, while x64 is not for everyone (many manufacturers have yet to get on the ball with driver support), to say it's pointless is denying the fact that everything that goes into the x64 version of XP will only make 64-bit Longhorn even better (though I have my doubts about switching to Longhorn still...). Decent article, but too much spin towards your own PoV.
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