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I own a MX1000, a really awesome mouse...but..when Logitech is going to change its politics of design and made a mouse more "universal" so as to be used by left handed people like me?..Really I cant take full advantage of my MX1000 due to that reason, and this new mouse looks more "right handed" than the MX1000. I am not asking for two versions, only a more universal design..

I am a really a fan of Logitech, I own a wireless gampad, a corded gamepad, a set of 5.1 wireless speakers z5450, a forcefedback wheel and my MX1000 laser mouse... and really I fell somehow dissapointed about Logitech "not left handed" politic..I dont think we are a few ones in the the world...

Anyway, excellent review, the mouse looks incredible.. but I think a mention of this problem is necessary on it...

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