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Good Day,

Thanks for your words, and no need to have made and excellent review and the one about MX1000 helped me a lot to decide to buy one about a year ago..and here in my country it cost me a lot..but I found it an excellent mouse specially if you use it with a "professional" pad...I really love my MX1000. But as you correctly mentioned, the MX1000 is somehow bulky and heavy, so thats why I have placed my eyes in this new version which aside from being beautiful designed, it seems to have taken into account this "bulky problem"...I am really thinking to buy this one..but that is why I remarked my point about left handed users..with a Company like Logitech making such fine products, it is difficult to understand the lack of sight about this problem.

And your are right, it is better two versions...but I even would be more than happy if an universal one appears in the market.

Thanks for all and keep the good work...
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