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Originally Posted by Rob Williams View Post
Thanks for the kind words! Yes, I do agree... Logitech is a -huge- company, so they can afford to take small risks like this. I have e-mailed them and am just awaiting a reply. Once I get one, I will post it in here... probably by the end of the day.

Yeah... the MX1000 is a great mouse, but I do find it bulky, especially compared to the MX Revolution now. To be honest though, I am not sure the MX Revolution (right-handed version) is going to be right for you. I am not left-handed, but I just held the MX1000 with my left hand and it felt decent. I can understand how you can put up with it. But I did the same with the MX Revolution and it was far from pleasent. It may also depend on how large your hands are, but I find it more uncomfortable to hold with the left hand over the MX1000, due to it's curvier frame.
Good Day,

Mmmm..the same I thought when I read your review...this new mouse seems more "right-handed" than the MX1000.. And to be honest, it took me some time to get used with the MX1000...because its clearly a right handed one, and if you add that it is heavy, it was difficult for me...and again you are right..due to I have a big hand, it completely covered the left side "hole" of it (the one to put the thumb on it), so the process was a bit simplier...however, after a year using it, I dont change it easily.

Thanks for the email you sent and I will be aware for the answer..

Best Regards..
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