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Originally Posted by Rob Williams View Post
Logitech response:

No plans at this time. We do have the MX610 in a left-hand version though:

Well that sucks. Hopefully there will be enough response to the MX Revolution that will warrant a left-handed version.
Good Day,

That is a fast took less than the time it took me to write the reply..anyway..a great dissapointment..I have spent more than 1000 dollars on all the Logitech hardware I mentioned before, and this answer makes me think that Logitech "hates" left handed users...I really dont think we are such a minority...

Anyway I will bother you again with one question..I wasnt aware about this MX610 mouse..I will definitely make a research about it..but from your words can you compare it with the MX1000?..

Again I appreciate your dispossition and great is an example for other sites..


PS: It may seems to be funny but besides I am left handed...I have another problem... I cant see very well it is really difficult to me to match the image code...with a white background it would be easier..or may be it is preferably to register....LOL!!..Y asure you, beside that I am a normal guy...
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