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Originally Posted by madmat View Post
What colors can you see? That way I can make the link stand out for you. The MX-610 is a pretty decent mouse, I've got one and the only thing that detracts from it is the fact that it goes to sleep really quickly.

Stop moving it for a minute or so and it's snoozing. Not an issue if you're gaming though since the mouse is constantly on the move but for web browsing it can be a bit tiring since you'll end up having to shake the mouse to wake it up in order to scroll.

The link is below in the next paragraph so it'll be easy to distinguish.

Have a great day!
Thanks for your time,

The MX-610 seems really interesting, I will make some research so as to compare it with the MX1000 in terms of technology...

By the way about the Image Verification..there is no problem at all..due to the fact that the background is colored as well as the letters, I have really problems to see some letters so I usually get an error two or more times due to my genetic isnt a great problem at all and it only shows how lazy I am because I havent registered yet in this excellent site..

Thanks for all..
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